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3 x 5 Propane Grill

East Coast Event Rental

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Magicater AGA Approved Transportable Gas Grill, 60", stainless steel front, sides, back & service shelf, aluminized steel construction, stainless steel radiants, water tubs, heavy duty cooking grids, steel legs with 6"casters, complete gas system, (2) 40 pound tanks in removable tank cart

Must be returned rinsed or wiped clean and free of solid debris, failure to do so will incur additional cleaning service fee
Lighting Instructions
A. Check that the tank cart or side tank racks are securely mounted on the unit.
B. Open the cooking hood, if so equipped. Turn all the burner knobs and red runner tube knobs clockwise to the ‘off’ position, and slowly open the gas tank valves.
C. Push & turn the runner tube knob(s) fully counter-clockwise to the ‘on’ position. Insert a lit match with the matchstick holder or a gas lighter flame through the oblong hole in the front panel.
D. Check that the entire runner tube is lit by looking through the sight hole(s) located between the end burner knobs on the front panel. If the runner tube(s) will not light or stay lit, shut off the gas supply and do not use the unit. Wait 5 minutes before attempting to re-light the unit.
E. After lighting the runner tube(s), open the desired burner valves and observe that the burners light completely from the runner tubes(s).
Warning: If the burners or runner tube(s) fail to light or remain lit, shut off and disconnect the gas supply tank(s) and discontinue use of the unit. Call for service to correct the problem.
NOTE: If the tank valves are not opened very slowly, the excess flow valve in the tank connector fitting (a safety feature) may restrict the flow of gas to the unit resulting in little or no flame at the burners. Should this happen, follow the shutdown instructions and be sure to shut off tanks and remove and re-attach the tank connectors as instructed. This is necessary to re-set a closed excess flow valve. Repeat steps A through E of the lighting instructions. The appliance should now function normally. Failure to follow these guidelines may cause the excess flow valve to restrict gas flow.

Daily Pricing & Fees

  • Daily $165.00
  • 3-Day $165.00
  • Weekly $165.00


  • Dimension 5' L x 3' W x
  • Length 5 ft.
  • Width 3 ft.

Delivery Unavailable

  • This vendor does not offer delivery

In-Store Pickup Unavailable

  • In-store pickup is unavailable for this item as it requires delivery by the owner.

Payment Policy

When East Coast Event Rental approves your rental request, 50% of the total invoice will be processed. Full payment will be due 7 days prior to the agreed upon delivery/pickup. For reservations made within 7 days the full amount will be captured upon vendor approval. Please refer to the vendor's Cancellation Policies for refund cutoffs and amounts.

General Cancellation Policy

    Once your order is confirmed, reservation deposits are non-refundable. If you remove items from your order within days of the delivery/pickup date a fee will be charged.

    Deposit Non-Refundable

    Once order confirmed



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855 Bethel Ave

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