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Newborn Photo Shoot

March 2017 Editor's Pick

Image for collection Newborn Photo Shoot Image for collection Newborn Photo Shoot

A newborn shoot is such a special way to commemorate a time in your life that is sure to feel like it flew by. Babies grow so fast, and it’s so important to capture the emotion of those early days both with the parents as well as siblings and other family members.

Sometimes a message is a key factor, as photos are often used for birth announcements. Consider “Welcome” or “Love” signs, or use letters and numbers to spell out a name, birthdate, or exact age. You can use certain colors to convey gender, or stick with all white blankets, pillows, and furniture to center focus on your new arrival. Of course, it’s always fun to highlight a newborn’s tiny size. Baskets, buckets, boxes, and baby baths are great vessels to pad with blankets and show just how bitty your baby was upon arrival.

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